Synopsis, Translation & Transcription

You get synopsis, a short and precise description of any News Or, TV contents i.e. Talk Show in both Bangla and English language. It helps you save time and get news updates in a cost-effective manner. The synopsis services allow our clients to understand the essence of content at a glance. A quick look over the synopsis will help you to maintain accuracy and unambiguity by reducing your professional hassles. We also provide word by word translation of news, editorials, blogs and other contents, to include the pros and cons of the necessary content. At the same time, Ryans’ 24/7 monitoring of TV and Radio enables you to have relative audio or video files converted into text and translated. It could be an interview, a talk show, a seminar speech, a video documentary or else: We offer you an error-free transcribing service without missing single information valuable to serve your purpose. The transcribed and translated text file is prepared through several steps including manual listening, transcribing, proofreading and translation. Our transcription and translation services are 100 % human-generated.